Dear, QA ANALYST I'm honored to submit my resume to be considered for the position of QA Analyst. After a careful review of the advertisement online, I’m excited about this opening as the job description fits very well with my skills, experience and future career goals. I am a resourceful professional with a track record of delivering consistent and outstanding results in software development life cycle, including Agile and Waterfall, in evidence of tests using UML (Unified Modeling Language) and RUP (Rational Unified Process). Strong competence in delivering immediate value as your next QA Analyst. I am effective in time management, which is ideal for quality standards, good leadership, analytical and complex problem solving. Having experience working for different established firms, I understand how to elevate an organization of any scale while implementing necessary structures to enhance operations. I have always believed in performing at my best to serve as a catalyst in improve operations, and services. I utilize rational approaches to problem solving which leads to fast solution to operational issues. Throughout working experience, I have utilized an ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing, with people from different walks of life. The blend of my experience has resulted in the following: • Powerful blend of exceptional expertise in the IT sector working with a wide range of technologies and fields producing top-notch technical services to improve the efficiency and performance of an organization. • Superb organizational, technical and problem resolution skills; able to work efficiently and manage assigned tasks to meet deadlines and objectives. • Strength to remain calm under pressure; making swift and correct decisions in emergency situations. I attribute my consistent success in large part to my strong passion for willingness to grow and develop with my position as it evolves and ability to build and maintain internal and external relationships at all levels and establishing a principle-centred environment that preserves the company's core values while stimulating growth and progress. I do have a solid educational background, holding two Master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA), Information Technology Management and Business Administration (MBA), Software Quality Management. I am a results-oriented, dependable, and tenacious individual; who is not easily affected by job stress. I am extremely enthusiastic about your organization and would welcome the opportunity to contribute to your continued success. Greater detail is supplied on the attached resume, and I would be glad to elaborate on any of this information when we meet face to face. I am confident that you will be interested in my track record and capability to be a key contributor to your team. I believe I would be a strong asset to your organization and I sincerely hope you will allow me the opportunity to demonstrate this by granti


Software Quality Assurance