• As a startup in Corporate Sector, this business needed a lot of Development and Marketing Strategies in order to make Global Office World a well-known brand in the market. • Pitched the right/target audience, contacted them and conducted meetings with them to introduce them with our brand newly established in the market. • Meetings with the clients and the potential customers such as Architects were a daily task. • Managed the display and attended the showroom clients • Wrote the complete website content including the names of the products and their descriptions. • Generating, developing and maintaining the leads. • Made approximately 20 quotations per day, provided them to the clients and took constant follow-ups until a decision was finalized. • Monitored the Social Media Accounts, including WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. • Gave prompt replies to the queries received while also replying to the comments and messages received on timely basis. • Supervised the official website and official email of the company while giving solutions to the queries received on urgent basis.