I have confident skills in mathematics (mathematical analysis, logic, statistics, discrete math, differential equations,numerical analysis, probability theory), have confident skills of working with Matlab; also have skills of programming on C#, C, C++(native and managed, foremost): mostly engineer programs, image processing and videotraking, different APIs and GUI, data access technologies, frontend and backend developing, system and functional programming, concurrent computing, multithreading, regular expressions (parsing), AI(ANN), mobile apps, games; have some knowledge of Java, PHP, SQL/PSM, PL/SQL and Transact-SQL, used to work a lot with cms.exe and Windows PowerShell. By the way, closely familiar with Google APIs, especially in writing scripts for Google Sheets, as well as writing formulas. I also have knowledge of some software lifecycle processes standards (ISO 12207, ГОСТ 34, Oracle CDM) and QMS (ISO 9000, ГОСТ 28195-89). Schemes and drawings used to perform with BPwin and Microsoft Visio. Piling up, I have good skills of QA: manual testing, analyzing, writing technical documentation, management. I consider myself to be hardworking, reliable and confident person. I am speaking fluent Ukrainian and Russian, have upper-intermediate level of English and pre-intermediate level of German.


Software & Web Development, Game Dev, AI Engineering, QA